The Significance

The Events Management industry is a fast-paced and very competitive, where the public requires a highly trained and professionalized workforce to satisfy the increasing demand for specialized services to meet the latest market trends. With its multifaceted role, which includes planning, organising and executing, event management requires a thorough grasp of key procedures, such as forming an initial concept and targeting an audience through market research, as well as branding and sponsorship.

Particularly over the past 10 years, event management has evolved so that both attendees and hosts now expect a high standard in memorable events. In our Event Management course at the ORO Academy, we’ve put together a thorough and in-depth training in all aspects of planning and running many kinds of events. We cover topics such as conceptualisation, planning, marketing, budget forecasting, event execution and post-event analysis. Practical, theoretical and strategic expertise will be provided within a challenging environment in order for students to succeed within this dynamic field.

Who can enroll for this course?

School/College students

Your school/college is focused on providing you with extensive curriculum, exams, packed schedules and assignments. They don’t have the time to teach you the necessary 21st century skills like event management which will give you an advantage over others at a young age to decide your profession. Those students who have the time and will to learn an extra skill can take up this course.


If you are running an event management company and you want your entire crew/teammates to get an inner depth of event management skills before getting into action, ORO’s training will be a plus point. You can partner with us and make use of this course as an orientation and training period for your teammates.


If you don’t fall into any of these categories, you can still enroll for this course as an individual if you’re planning to join or start an event management company in the future.

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